Diners Like Grill’s Current Vibe

Edison move adds full bar, more choices


HARWINTON — Thomas Edison is in the details at the newly reopened Edison Grill.

Traces of the famed inventor can be found in the custom light fixtures, on the walls that display some of his most famous quotes, in original antique photographs and on a sheet of stamps bearing his face.

Patrons might even find him at the bottom of an Edison margarita.

“What you’ve got here is a one-of-a-kind restaurant,” Jeremiah Czyz said Wednesday as he stood in the middle of his restaurant two hours before the lunch rush.

The Edison Grill used to be on the other side of East Side Electric in a smaller space, and Czyz worked for both businesses. But after a car crash and four surgeries, he was forced to focus on the business that didn’t require heavy lifting.

So he and his wife, Michelle — the dietitian behind many of the grill’s recipes — moved the business to the larger space. They also added a dinner service, a full bar and 14 other employees, including multiple bartenders. Their grand opening was May 21.

Jeremiah Czyz, left, owner of The Edison Grill in Harwinton, stands with Greg Mele, owner of the building and designer of the custom-built restaurant.

Photo: Darlene Douty – Republican American
Jeremiah Czyz, left, owner of The Edison Grill in Harwinton, stands with Greg Mele, owner of the building and designer of the custom-built restaraunt that is loaded with antiques and recycled materials.

Czyz said he couldn’t have done it without Michelle, who does billing and training, in addition to coming up with recipes.

“Basically all the important stuff,” he said.

The restaurateur said he’s working out some of the kinks while transitioning from being in charge of eight employees to 22. He said he decided to stop serving breakfast during the week so he could focus on the quality of the food. “It’s a work in progress,” Czyz said.

He recommended people try the macaroni and cheese, which has been a big hit so far. He also said people rave about the burgers. To try more than one menu item, Czyz suggested getting a few things from the small plates menu.

The grill’s name was inspired in part by its proximity to East Side Electric. “You think of electricity, you think of a light bulb,” Czyz said.

Town residents have responded positively to Edison Grill’s move next door and its new look, he said. On Thursday evening, before the eatery opened, there was a line all the way down to their previous storefront, he noted.

Greg Mele, of East Side Electric and Czyz’s father-inlaw, had a hand in decorating the place.

Czyz said Mele enjoys hunting for vintage finds, and helped fill the restaurant with Edison-related collectibles.

“There’s a lot of love in this restaurant,” Czyz said.

Customers can spot an original Edison phonograph and vintage soda taps carefully placed in the room.

They also can try one of the grill’s 10 craft beers on tap, hand-selected wine or a specialty cocktail. Czyz said he took a bartending class so he could make informed decisions about his drink menu, and he personally picked out every liquor.

“I believe in the quality,” he said. “I don’t believe in selling cheap stuff.”

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  1. Matthew Valenti

    Hello; I would like to start by saying that I go out of my way to compliment good service and good food. More often than not, I seek out the manager to make a compliment. Someone recommended your establishment to me a couple of months ago and we went. Loved the food! Couldn’t wait to come back, and we did this afternoon. We noticed the prices were a little higher, but that didn’t concern us. We knew the renovation must have been expensive, and we don’t mind paying for excellent food. We both ordered the shrimp sandwich. Although the shrimp was cooked to perfection, there were only a couple of little pieces in the sandwich, and there was no bacon. We asked the waitress about the bacon, and she got it for us. My wife ate the shrimp out of the sandwich, and ate the bacon, and left all the rest. I ate one half, and the waitress asked if I wanted to take the rest home which included mine and my wife’s chips, and I said yes, and then pointed out how meager the portion of shrimp was. She said she would let the person in charge know and took the sandwich. She came back with the check and said the sandwich was deducted. I asked her if I could have the doggie bag, and she said it was thrown away! That I couldn’t understand, but since I didn’t pay for it, maybe I wasn’t entitled to it. But I did want my and my wife’s chips, so she got me another portion. Needless to say, I was less than impressed on this our second encounter. We had told a lot of people how good it was after our first visit, but we won’t be doing that now. Have a good day.

    Matt Valenti

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