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Tuesday, January 8, 2019 – 6PM – 9PM


$100 per person

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Meal Details

Course Description
  • House made rabbit sausage and house made roasted pepper
  • Cured wild meat and cheese platter
  • Deep-fried python
First Course Wild boar stew
Second Course Rudolf venison stuffed bread served with a side salad
Third Course Ostrich steak with a mushroom cream sauce
Fourth Course Kangaroo tenderloin served with a sweet and sour sauce
Fifth Course Duck served with mango salsa
Dessert Goat cheese cake topped with cherries
After Bourbon and cigars on patio

Other Details

All three proteins prepared with a different glass of wine

Starch will be roasted fingerling potatoes and vegetable is green bean casserole

Everything will be served family style.



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