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All desserts are our own inventions, house made & all from scratch   $9.50 each


Coconut Cake
A House special, family favorite & a must try

Chocolate Mousse Cake
Lots of chocolate cake layered with chocolate mousse & topped with chocolate ganache

Peanut Butter Brownie
Topped with Canton Creamery vanilla ice cream & fresh whipped cream

Depending on the Day Cheesecake
Sometimes plain, Sometimes quite unique

Belgian Waffle Sundae
Belgian waffle topped with Canton Creamery vanilla ice cream, hot fudge & fresh whipped cream~Enough to share!

After Dinner Cocktails

Irish Coconut Coffee   $9
Patron XO Dark, Sugar Island Coconut Rum, Irish Cream, Coffee

Mudslide Coffee   $8
Coffee with Irish Cream, Kahlua

Short Circuit   $8
Avion Coffee Liquor, Amaretto, Cream

Toasted Almond Martini   $10
Patron XO Café, Disaronno, Cream

Flip the Switch   $9
Hennessy, Patron Citronge, Orange Twist

Kilowatt Hour   $9
Vanilla Vodka, Patron XO café Dark, Kahlua, Crème De Cocoa, Chambord, Irish Cream, Chocolate Shavings

Expresso Martini   $10
Avion Expresso, Menage a Trois Vodka, Kahlua, Irish Cream, Chocolate Syrup

Chocolate Martini   $10
Menage a Trois Vodka, Patron XO café Dark

Items and prices are subject to change without notice. This website may not always reflect the most up to date prices.