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Meatloaf cupcakes, portabella fries, chicken pot pie, molasses braised pork & more!

Here we go the Edison grill bringing yo your comfort food to another level making America great again one meal at a time! Meatloaf cupcakes filled with gravy and topped with mashed potatoes, portabella fries, chicken pot pie, molasses braised pork shank served with a Parmesan polenta brick or our tomato and herb cod served in a white wine and tomato basil sauce!

Tomato And Herb Cod

Meatloaf Cupcakes

Chicken Pot Pie

Molasses Braised Pork Shank


House made pasta dishes (February 15)

Join us on Wednesday evening February 15th for house made pasta!


Stuffed Long Hots
Filled with house made Italian sausage
and provolone

Beet Salad
With prosciutto, pearl onions,
goat cheese and mesculin greens


Served with a side salad and house made bread

Rainbow Ravioli
Pasta infused with basil and tomatoes
Filled with herbed ricotta
Topped with garlic butter sauce

Prime Rib Braciole
Filled with basil, parsley and mushrooms
Served over pappardelle with marinara sauce


Friends and family gather at Edison Grill to show their support for Food Network’s ‘Baker’s vs. Fakers’ contestant, Dan Shopey

This past Wednesday night Dan Shopey had a graduation party (with a surprise twist for friends and family). They were treated to an episode of Bakers vs. Fakers that he competed in.  No spoilers here – you need to see the episode for yourself, but he did amazing.  Big congrats to Dan and his wife!

Dan and Jerry